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Lend a helping hand to the needy as we strive to prevent violence...


On a daily basis the leading stories on the evening news include some act of violence. At Jericho Road Inc. we heighten the awareness of violence in our community and strive to prevent and resolve violent acts among our fellow citizens. We are confronting this age old problem through our educational and prevention workshops.


Firstly, we must identify various forms of abuse and violence. We must recognize the cultural and social issues that are partly contributing to domestic, intimate partner and other forms of violence. Our educational and awareness seminars identify the issues; share meaningful statistics; discusses the impact and present a ray of hope for a better tomorrow.


Secondly, with our Enhancing Relationship (ER) Workshops we have developed a new approach to violence prevention. Our focus includes 'spicing up' the participants love life; creating a safe and secure relationship financially and otherwise; and promote the participants and their partner upliftment and encouragement.

IN SUMMARY, it is very difficult to quantify if a program is effective due to the various issues that are inherent in the different forms of violence. However, we know that light eliminates darkness and love prevails over evil. ER is based on those principles. We believe over time that ER will help in the decline of violence in our community.

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