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There's Hope

Below are a few excerpts from the book, The Survival Series - Stories of women who survived the impossible. In this book, you will find the testimonials of these women and proof that there is hope for you. You too can have a good life after unhealthy/abusive relationships.  


"... I tried to kill my self after my stepfather abused me when I was ten years old; and then I tried again after my husband kicked me down four flights of stairs and almost killed my baby, that was in 1971. I mixed poison to kill the baby and myself; my baby was four months old..." Today, Elena holds A doctorate in theology and is the Pastor of Christian Crossroad Ministries.


"... I was sexually abused by my cousin. By my cousins, I should say... Let's say about four... I did not trust anyone. I was afraid because of the way the one who abused me the first time, the way he threatened me. I was nine years old... When he came to live with us,  I was maybe eight, and I didn't have many friends as a child growing up because we grew up in the country on a farm, so there weren't too many houses around..." Presently, Colleen has fulfil her dream in becoming a registered nurse in New York City.


"... My father was very controlling, as well as antisocial and physically abusive to my mom. Father left home when we were very young. He traveled to London and never returned until we were grown. It took a while for us to overcome the emotional trauma of our father's departure, but as time passed we learned what it really meant. There was no money anywhere. My father was the only source of income. He walked out the door with all our hopes for financial security..." Now, Diana is a special education teacher with two master degrees.


"... One night we were getting high - she (my baby) was in the other room sleeping - and I remember him (my boy friend) going into her room and saying, "Take that finger out of your mouth." Next thing I know, she was dead. He had choked her..." Currently, Eleanor is an accomplished childcare provider.


"... I used to sleep on the top bunk - and he (my father) pulled me off the bunk in the middle of my sleep and - I think it was an accident - hit me in my eye. I had to go to school with a bloodshot eye. My mom was sick a lot. If that stuff with my Dad was not happening, she would be having nervous breakdowns, so she was always in and out of the hospital..." Today, Darla is a teacher and holds a masters degree.


"... December 24, 1979, he (my husband) was out the whole night. I was in the kitchen making oatmeal to feed my kids breakfast when he come in at about nine in the morning and said, "What's taking so long to make my breakfast?" I was still making the food and not saying anything and he continued, "Have you ever had hot oatmeal thrown on you?"...And I didn't say anything, I just looked out the window and I 'm like, "Oh God," and the next thing I know he took the pot off the stove and just pours it on me..." Now, Phyllis is a professional dialysis technician.


"... Most of the time my father was drunk... and he was a gambler... There was always fighting over money because he didn't bring any money home...  But they were getting into it more and more, and one night my sister told him, "I am tired of you beating my mother!"... My sister went forward and we all followed her and jumped in, and then it was something that I will never forget. My mother kept saying, even though he was beating her, "Don't hit your father, that's your father, get off your father!" That taught me a lesson..." Currently, Nadine is an accountant.