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What We Do

Currently we are conducting a series of Enhancing Relationships (ER) seminars and workshops in central Brooklyn, New York to address various forms of violence.At these meetings, we incorporate the live testimony of Domestic Violence (DV) survivors who applied the ER plan to their lives.These women whose stories are published in a book 'The Survival Series - Stories of women who survived the impossible' also participate in the question and answer section of the seminars and workshops. We believe over time that ER will play a role in  the decline of various forms of violence in our community.

As per Day One, Building Safe Futures for Youth, in an article entitled: Youth Dating Violence, in a national survey of over four thousand 9th through 12th graders, approximately 1 in 5 female students (20.2% in 1997 and 18.0% in 1999) reported being physically and/or sexually abused by a dating partner.

Research has shown that many people do not know that they could be potential victims of intimate partner violence. It is also common knowledge that they stay in certain relationships because of several seemingly justifiable reasons. Sometimes, because of being in a state of denial, they fail to look for help. Some do not want to be associated with IPV or DV because of the stigma that is attached.

According to the United States, Department of Health and Human Services the cost of IPV and DV on our healthcare system on a yearly basis as shown below is overwhelming…
• The costs of intimate partner rape, physical assault, and stalking exceed $5.8 billion each year, nearly $4.1 billion of which is for direct medical and mental health care services.
• U.S. women lose nearly 8.0 million days of paid work each year because of violence perpetrated against them by current or former husbands, cohabitants, dates, and boyfriends. This is the equivalent of 32,114 full-time jobs each year. An additional 5.6 million days are lost from household chores.


ER is a new violence prevention approach which involves reaching community members through several educational methods that teach about various forms of violence and how to apply the knowledge learned. Our program provides information to adults and the young who are exposed to different types of violence. The plan also uses video clips and other presentations to high school students in central Brooklyn. This leads to a greater awareness of violence, and increased the possibility of stopping this cycle of violence in our community.

Our organization collaborates with health services, youth clubs, and other community based groups. ER seminars and workshops present behavior modification information to help foster better relationship between husband and wife, consenting adults, and among teens. This is done by implementing the proper meaning of love, discouraging questionable behaviors, accentuating good qualities, and developing healthy values. Emphasis is on the ‘Golden Rule’: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Like a cancer, Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) could destroy your life if you don’t screen for it. ER provides the knowledge base our community needs to identify the symptoms of DV and IPV and also provides reasonable behavior modification information to fight/prevent this type of violence. Applying ER could be an antidote to questionable and deteriorating relationships. These types of relationships normally lead to IPV and DV.  

ER Behavior Modification Objectives Include:
 • Identify signs of IPV, DV and other forms of violence
 • Disseminate violence awareness and prevention
 • Address 'relationship destroyers'
 • Use the proper definition of love
 • Build on good relationship qualities
 • Share ways to develop relationship skills
 • Nurture and encourage partner unique abilities
 • Accentuate behavior which is positive
 • Reinforce good family values
 • Prepare teens for manhood and womanhood
 • Foster positive and meaningful long-term relationships/friendships
 • Laying the foundation for a productive society

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